People’s Choice Award

The city delegate with the most votes will win the People’s Choice award. She will take home a beautiful trophy and an invite to Nationals 2019-2020. Votes are $1 each and voting will close at noon on

February 23rd. Cast as many votes as you want and vote as many times as you like! Voting is $1 per vote.

Thank you for helping these girls achieve their dreams.

Alice B.

Miss Alice enjoys reading books, and being mommy’s assistant choreographer. She loves her dogs Molly and Theodore; she especially likes chasing them. Her dream is to be a big sister.

McKenna B. McKenna likes to sing on the fireplace mantle, read books, and pretend to be a dinosaur. She enjoys helping her mommy make cards for children who are sick in the hospital! She hopes to be a doctor when she grows up.

Natalya Z.

Miss Natalya enjoys watching Frozen with her Olaf doll. She loves to sing “Let It Go” to her family, and can’t wait to make her dreams come true later this year by meeting Elsa.

Daphnie T.

Miss Daphnie is a creative, crafty, and caring sister! She loves dance, gymnastics, and watching the movie, Frozen. She works hard to stop bullying and is an active volunteer in her community!

Hailey H.

Miss Hailey loves painting and drawing pictures, especially when they cheer someone up. She has organized her own school supplies drive for the past two years to donate to local students in need. She dreams of being a dancer when she grows up.

Karysa L.

Miss Karysa loves to eat eggs. She is 4 years old and dreams of being a firefighter because fire trucks are red and that’s her favorite color.

Lydia M.

Miss Lydia loves doing pageants, and playing with her Barbie dolls. She enjoys helping the janitor at her school by cleaning the door handles and dumping the garbage. She hopes to become a cancer doctor, so she can cure cancer.

Naticka R.

Miss Naticka is the baby of the family, has two older brothers and six pet ducks. She enjoys visiting nursing homes, raising money for cancer research, and helping others. She loves being a princess and is passionate about posing in front of the camera.

Olivia E.

Miss Olivia likes doing gymnastics and playing outside. She enjoys playing with cats and dogs. Her favorite toys are L.O.L. Dolls, Shopkins, and Hatchimals. She dreams of being a Princess when she grows up.

Skylar G.

Miss Skylar is a big ball of sunshine who makes everyone smile. She loves dressing up fancy, playing with American Girl dolls and eating spaghetti. She collects items for babies in foster care and hopes to one day be a teacher.

Bella N.

Miss Bella is 9 years old and would love to visit Paris someday. She has volunteered over 400 hours in the last 2 years. She dreams of being a zoologist and taking care of sloths and giraffes.

Ellie H.

Miss Ellie loves chemistry. She enjoys seeing what she can make- perfume, lotion, bath bombs, and even her own homemade potions. She is an animal lover and spends time visiting local shelter animals, as well as donating supplies and making tie blankets to keep them cozy. She has big plans to run her own farm when she grows up.

Izabella K.

Miss Izabella is a trampoline jumping, bonfire loving, fashionista who loves to dance and make people smile! She loves to travel via airplane; however, she calls her family’s boat home during the summer. She dreams of being a veterinarian when she grows up.

Jasmin L.

Miss Jasmin loves baking cookies with her grandma and making pottery. She is very involved with AWANA and activities at her church. This future artist enjoys coloring and painting.

Kara C. 

Miss Kara is a dancer, singer, piano and ukulele player! She loves being an awesome big sister, fundraising for Pennies for Patients, and practicing her cooking skills. Kara plans to become a famous singer, chef, and a teacher.

Kenadie H. 

Miss Kenadie likes playing outside, fishing, bowling, sports, and dance class. Her foster sister inspired her to start Kenadie Kares for Kids where she collects items for children in foster care. She dreams to be a 4K teacher in the future.

Paige E.

Miss Paige loves to sing, swim, dance, do art projects and eat bacon. With a passion for animals, and a love for anything science…she dreams of being a scientist when she grows up.

Analena P.

Miss Analena loves competitive dance and poms. She also enjoys singing and playing basketball. She hopes to become a veterinarian when she grows up.

Emma P.

Miss Emma enjoys producing YouTube videos, drawing anime and writing short stories. She loves animals and hopes to become an Animal Welfare Advocate for a the Humane Society, ASPCA, or PETA.

Kacey D.

Miss Kacey loves dancing and acting. She is the oldest of many cousins and works hard to set a good example. She hopes to become a meteorologist and work at a local TV station.

Destiny S.

Miss Destiny loves to dance and make videos. She volunteers with a various charity events; and even created “Save My Pretty Feet” which helps donate shoes to developing countries. She hopes to become a social worker, so she can help those in need.

Kirstan M.

Miss Kirstan loves basketball, volleyball, horseback riding, and cheer. She enjoys volunteering at nursing homes. One day she hopes to star in her own movie.


Miss Jasmine loves volunteering with the Special Olympics, and making other people smile. She hopes to become a certified nurse in the near future.

Melissa S.

Miss Melissa has a bachelor’s degree is psychology and a minor in art. She loves reading anything she can get her hands on, and dreams of having a library in her own home someday. She enjoys speaking in the community about her platform – Be Brave. She focuses on being a positive role model for young ladies, especially her niece Bella.

Natasha G.

Miss Natasha loves to be in front of the camera modeling, and behind the camera taking the pictures! She wishes to use her influence in pageantry to help create a better understanding and stigma towards mental illness. To show our youth and community that a mental illness cannot hold you back.

Amanda I.

Amanda enjoys reading, watching Disney movies, shopping and spending time with her daughter. She volunteers at her local animal shelter, donates diapers to Marleigh’s Ministry, and bedding to her local women’s shelter. She hopes to become a social worker.

Sarah L.

Miss Natasha loves to be in front of the camera modeling, and behind the camera taking the pictures! She wishes to use her influence in pageantry to help create a better understanding and stigma towards mental illness. To show our youth and community that a mental illness cannot hold you back.

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