We have professional judges! We are very fortunate to be blessed with guest judges that own their own businesses, are national speakers, Miss America Queens or other national queens, T.V producers, teachers, CEO’s of multi million dollar companies, dancers, actors and so much more.

We are a natural pageant system. We do not do a swimsuit competition. Our girls are judged on their interview skills, formal wear, personal introduction, and community service. We do not allow girls under the age of 12 to wear make-up. Our girls over the age of 12, may wear natural make-up that showcases their natural beauty. We are looking for a young lady who inner beauty shines brightly through her. Our queens all have great personalities, are friendly, active in their community, excel at public speaking and have great interview skills.

We are great for beginners! Although it is important to have a dress that fits and your hair done, we do not judge a contestant on outer beauty. A queens dress can be bought at goodwill, something she wore to prom or bought off of Amazon. It does not have to be the most expensive dress or the prettiest dress; what’s most important is that the contestant is confident and the dress fits correctly. We ask our girls helping and support each other. We have been blessed with amazing girls who are ready to offer a hug or help remembering a song, in the event that a young lady forgets what to do.

You get the judges comments! Doesn’t matter if it’s your first pageant or your 100th; we know every young lady wants to improve.  So we provide all the judges comments so you know why you did not score full points. Our parents have told us that this has been very helpful in preparing for their next pageant with us or another pageant system.

Our stage is awesome! We want our finalists to feel like the queens they are, so we pull out all the stops. We also have an amazing backdrop, quality sound and lights.

We are cost effective! We know pageants are changing young ladies because we have seen it happen. Miss Beautifully You wants to have a positive impact on as many ladies lives as possible; so we want to offer a quality pageant at a price that almost everyone can afford.

We are fun! All of our girls have a ton of fun, make new friends and learn something new. We provide fun parties and a community service project at every event.

It’s not too late for your chance to become a Be You Queen, but spaces are filling fast, so apply today!

I look forward to you joining our pageant family. As a “Pageant Sister”, I saw my little sister’s confidence change after her first pageant. Like most teenagers, she struggled with not feeling as beautiful as other girls at school, or models in magazines. Her second year brought more confidence as she competed, and her photos had an extra spark. In the following years I saw my little sister develop from a self conscious and insecure teenager into an amazing young woman.

We created Miss Beautifully You to help young ladies develop into everything they can be, while creating precious family memories. I believe every young lady is beautiful, and has gifts that make her special. We keep our sponsor fees low so every young lady can challenge herself to be everything she was created to be, prepared to make a difference in our world.

Miss Beautifully You wants to crown the young lady who is friendly, courageous, confident, outgoing, generous and dreaming big! Beyond the crown, everyone’s a winner, since you will leave the pageant with new found confidence, memories and new friends. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you, being part of helping you grow, as you create memories and discover the things that make you…well, YOU! And remember, just BE YOU, because you are Beautifully You!


Miss Karissa




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