Every little girl is a princess in our tiny tot age division. Our mission is to build strong and confident young ladies, ready to take on the world. She will start her journey gaining valuable life skills like public speaking and interview skills as she takes the stage –  creating memories and friends along the way. Every tiny tot will have her moment to shine as we award each contestant a crown and trophy fit for a princess. She will have her chance to show off her dance skills as she dances on stage during the final show. She can also rock her style, talents and personality in some optional competitions. During Interview, she will learn valuable communication skills as she is asked simple questions like, “Do you have any pets” or “What is your favorite color”. Of course, she will feel like a princess heading to a formal ball as a special man in her life escorts her on stage during the Formal Wear Competition. She will learn to present herself on stage during this and other events. Truly, this is an opportunity fit for any little princess.

Experienced staff to help guide her throughout the day

Scores and judges comments to help you know how she did and what she needs to work on.

All the fun of a Miss Beautifully You Event!

Trophy for every Tiny Tot Finalist

Professional sound and lights so she feels like a star!

Customized experience based on skills of State Finalist.

“Miss Beautifully You focuses on things that matter; things that help shape young, confident individuals and successful women. My daughter Hailey, at now 4 years old, is able to go out on stage, she’s able to speak her mind, express herself, her talents and share her skills with large groups on people. She’s met amazing friends and wonderful girls who have supported her since day one. We are so grateful to be in the Miss Beautifully You family.”

– Melissa H.

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