Optionals are a ton of fun and give you additional time on the stage or in front of the camera; however, they do not have any affect on your overall score. Finalists who get the most out of pageants are the young ladies who push themselves to do optionals and learn something new. We offer several fun optionals for you to choose from, so we are confident you will find at least one you  will love. If you love modeling, we recommend our Top Model competition, Fun Fashion competition, and Photogenic competition. If you want to test your public speaking skills, we would recommend spokesmodel and actress competition. Whatever optional(s) you choose, you will have fun and develop additional life skills.


Tiny Tot, Little Princess, Princess, Jr. Teen, Teen, Jr. Miss, Miss/Mrs. & Elite Ms.

It’s time to show off your natural beauty. You pick your photographer, the location and your photo. Your photographer can be a professional photographer or it can be your mom. Make sure it’s natural and not edited too much. Take the time to lighten the bags under the eyes, but make sure to keep the freckles or dimples. Choose a picture where your outfit compliments your skin color, but doesn’t distract from you. Make sure your outfit is age appropriate and your accessories add to the outfit. If you are over the age of 12, you may wear make-up in your picture; however, make sure it is not too heavy, and compliments your natural beauty. It can be a headshot or full body shot; however, headshots tend to score better. When we judge a picture, it is based on your natural beauty, and we want to make sure you are the focus!

Volunteer Hours

Tiny Tot, Little Princess, Princess, Jr. Teen, Teen, Jr. Miss, Miss/Mrs. & Elite Ms.

Miss Beautifully You loves a girl who is making a difference in her community. A girl who is volunteering is a girl who is choosing to work without being paid for it. Volunteering is the most important optional competition to us because it benefits you in so many ways. You have the opportunity to create relationships with the people you are serving or serving with. We always encourage our contestants to invite their pageant friends to any volunteer event they are doing. Most of the time, you are volunteering with an organization because it is something you are passionate about. If you care about animals, collect supplies like food, blankets and litter for your local animal shelter or go volunteer at your animal shelter. You are never too young to start making a difference in your community.


Little Princess, Princess, Jr. Teen, Teen, Jr. Miss, Miss/Mrs. & Elite Ms.

Have you dreamed of being on the Disney Channel or being in a commercial? If so, this will be a fun optional for you! Pick one of the commercials from the two page list we provide and then practice saying it. You will be able to say your commercial two times. You may choose to say it the same or change it a little bit each time. Make sure to practice it, so you can say it comfortably. This is your chance to add your twist to a fun commercial.

Fun Fashion

Tiny Tot, Little Princess, Princess, Jr. Teen, Teen, Jr. Miss, Miss/Mrs. & Elite Ms.

Do you dream of working it on a runway? Now is your chance to pick an outfit that makes you feel amazing and confident, and show off your inner diva as you model it. Your outfit could be something you would wear to school, go shopping with your girlfriends, or to a fancy restaurant. What matters most, is how amazing you feel. You can add a prop or an accessory to your outfit, just make sure you have practiced using it before your big moment. You will be walking to upbeat music with full sound and lights; as you are judged on how the outfit fits your sparkling personality, and how well you showcase your outfit and work the stage.


Tiny Tot, Little Princess, Princess, Jr. Teen, Teen, Jr. Miss, Miss/Mrs. & Elite Ms.

Show us what you got! Talent is a fun optional to not only show your family and friends what you can do, but also everyone else. Everyone is born with different talents and you are no exception! Maybe you are really good at gymnastics, dance, magic tricks or telling jokes. Are you a girl who can play an instrument or twirl a baton? Did you know that public speaking is a talent? So maybe you have a monologue, a poem or part of your favorite book you wish to share. Do you have an amazing singing voice? No matter what your talent is, this is a moment for you to be brave and shine!

Top Model

Tiny Tot, Little Princess, Princess, Jr. Teen, Teen, Jr. Miss, Miss/Mrs. & Elite Ms.

Do you want to be a model for magazine or a website? Practice your skills in front of the camera with our fun Top Model Competition. You will have the opportunity for a photo shoot with two experienced photographers. The first photographer will look at how many creative poses you can present with 20 shots to show off your best poses. The second photographer will be judging your ability to follow directions, and your skill coming up with additional creative poses from a simple prompt.


Princess, Jr. Teen, Teen, Jr. Miss, Miss/Mrs. & Elite Ms.

Do you have a topic you are passionate about? Maybe it’s your pageant platform or something you researched for a school paper. Your topic should be something like positive body image, bullying issues, homelessness, developing youth leaders, cancer prevention, foster care, suicide prevention, organ donation or something else you are passionate about. Not only will you have the opportunity to shed light on a topic you care about, but you will also challenge yourself by improving your public speaking skills. You may use notes; however, we recommend memorizing it. When practicing your speech, make sure you are looking at your “audience”, speaking clearly, and using a natural sounding voice.

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